Thursday, 9 April 2015

Making a career in Data Science- so who is in pole position?

I saw an interesting infographic on the topic(see below), and wanted to share my thoughts around the theme

My thoughts
  1. Demand will significantly outstrip supply of 'genuine' Data Scientists- most organizations will struggle to attract and retain talent
  2. Many BI, analysts and programmers will try to change their titles/ role designations without picking up new skills- and cause some damage
  3. Integrators- those who can combine business awareness with statistics and technology- will be most successful   (
  4. The core challenge for organizations adopting data science is really lack of imagination to understand possibilities and discipline to avoid the hype
  5. I see the primary source of talent from college being MBAs with a good math (probably CS)background- I see a pure CS background shaky in problem formulation and decision making
  6. I see the Data Scientist spend a lot more time with Management to take business calls and much less with graphic designers
  7. I see Data Scientists significantly open new vistas - and increase more demand- see automation really impact BI professionals
  8. I would have like a question on career path for a Data Scientist- see them getting in business leadership roles
  9. I would have liked a question on domains of interest- see IoT and Personal Data as new playground for data
  10. It will take another 5 years - but we will finally have a broadly acceptable definition of Data Science

What do you think?


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